Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow Is Bringing Lili Reinhart As Our New Kara

Lili Reinhart is getting casted as Supergirl

DC is developing its whole new and updated universe; some of its upcoming projects are already down the line, and one of them is a solo film with the name of ‘Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow!

The movie is set to hit theaters by 2026, and many new reports and rumors are circulating online to answer one burning question: “Who Will Play Our Kara?” Well, finally, it seems like we are going to get a solid answer very soon because these updates are now revealing one ‘Surprising’ name who might debut as our new Kara!

No need to go anywhere, as we are taking a deep look at these latest updates about the casting of Kara for Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow.

Lili Reinhart Is Our New Supergirl!

Lili Reinhart to play Kara in Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow
Lili Reinhart & Melissa Benoist

Brand new reports and rumors have hit the net suggesting that we know an early front runner for the role of Kara Zor-El aka the Supergirl in her upcoming standalone film, which of course is a part of DCU’s chapter one: ‘Gods and Monsters.’

The name is Lili Reinhart, who allegedly is the one that’s being looked at or possibly even might have locked in the role of Kara for Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow.

Supergirl is still quite the ways off but it doesn’t mean that they’re not going to cast her for possibly a cameo or something. We don’t know how they’re going to handle it and whatever the case is, though rumors have sprung up suggesting that Lily Reinhart has locked in the role.

Now the reason why Lily is too perfect to play Kara is pretty simple. We are all familiar with her work on Riverdale. She’s 27 years old, still relatively young, and looks like she could be the part of Kara easily. In fact, she doesn’t even need to do anything; she just straight up looks like her, so hey! They have something here.

If she is in fact the one, the biggest thing in regards to this rumor is the fact that tons of active concept arts are out there which are portraying our Lily as Supergirl. In fact, the thing that kind of makes it seem a little bit more real is the fact that James Gunn has not debunked it.

He’s come out in regards to a lot of actor names being tossed about, saying ‘nope, not true!‘,  ‘nope, never met him!‘,  ‘nope, don’t know where this is coming from!‘. But this update has been around for weeks now, and he’s not acknowledging it.

It is simply indicating that there is probably something here. There’s something going on here because we know that ‘where there is smoke, there is fire!‘ And there’s clearly smoke here.

However, we should not forget that Hollywood is full of surprises and anything is possible, but to us, this is sort of like a no-brainer. She seems like the actress that’s right there, that’s right there, about to grasp onto. Something that’s a franchise maker for her and make that role her own.

Supergirl is a role that’s going to do this for a lot of people, so we do think that maybe there is something here, and if she gets it, then it sounds like a good idea.

Who Else Can Play Supergirl?

DC Studios

Apart from Lili Reinhart, there are some other big names in Hollywood that might make this solo film even better.

Despite the fact that Lili is a perfect choice for this role, names like Hunter Schafer, Natalie Alyn Lind, and Emilia Clarke might be on the cards. All three actresses are well known for their respective roles in Hollywood.

While movies like ‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds‘ and shows like ‘Wednesday‘ are enough to show the potential of Hunter and Natalie, ‘Game of Thrones‘ star Emilia Clarke might dominate over other names very easily.

We should also note the fact that Hollywood studios are also playing a game by introducing new names in the lead roles to the audience, which sometimes is good but might make a bad impact on the IP’s like Supergirl.

So we should keep an eye on DC, especially James Gunn, as he is the man of uncertainty. If he wants, then he can cast someone as experienced as Emilia Clarke, but if he wants to surprise us, then names like Lili Reinhart and Natalie Alyn Lind might land for the role of Kara.

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Till that, stay safe, peace out!

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