Pixar’s Next Big Thing: 3 Movies To Watch Out For

After getting bombed at box office again and again, these three Pixar Movies has the potential to change the game forever !!

The Walt Disney Animation Studios is suffering from a heavy loss due to it’s animated as well as the live action movies. Almost every second movie of the studio is getting bombed on box office and the trend is going on since last two years.

After cutting down the number of employees and announcing some of the biggest sequels like Frozen 3 and Zootopia 2, it seems like Pixar has the potential to grab some heavy profit in the next two years.

The Disaster Of Disney And Pixar

Fall Of Disney Pixar
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If you’ve seen any of the Disney-Pixar movie during the last 2 years, then you should know that
both of these studios are getting failed due to their woke propagandas.

Lightyear introduced the first official “trans-couple” in the movie which made it inappropriate for the kids and hence, the movie suffered a huge loss on box office.

Since then, nothing has changed, even Disney is digging even more deeper in it’s woke attempt to prove itself right. The studio brought “Strange World” which was again dealing with a “trans-couple” and created a new controversy again.

To hide it from the audience, Disney stopped it’s marketing for the movie, but it still got bombed at box office.

It didn’t stopped in animated movies only, then the studio brought it’s propaganda in live action remakes, and the latest of all is “The Little Mermaid” where they swapped the race of Ariel.

Not only this, now the studio is even bringing us a live action remake of “Snow White” where they’ve again race-swapped the Snow White.

Also the actress Rachel Zegler (Snow White) is creating controversies through her woke and toxic comments for our classic tale, which is now making the fans go mad at both Disney and Rache Zegler.

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However, Elemental got some good response from the fans and earned around $440 millions worldwide, which makes it the highest grossing animated movie for Disney since 2019.

But finally it seems like Pixar studio may bring it’s domination with it’s upcoming movies, and the reports are already too positive for Disney.

If everything goes well according to the plan and they didn’t introduced anything “woke”, then we are all set to see multiple family friendly movies from Disney and Pixar after a long time.

Inside Out 2 Holds The Future Of Pixar

Inside Out 2
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After a huge success of the first movie, we were all waiting for a sequel and finally Disney-Pixar is bringing us this masterpiece.
Inside Out 2 is set to hit theatres on 14th June 2024 and is going to feature tons of new emotions. Some new updates are claiming the fact that Riley is going to be 15 years old at the beginning of
the sequel, and the movie will cover her journey from being a 15 year old girl to be a 19 year old
Along with this, Pixar chief Pete Docter has confirmed that there will be more then 10 new emotions
in the sequel
, which makes it a must watch movie.

We are not expecting any kind of delay regarding the release date but due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, the studio has officially stopped the pre-production state of the sequel.

It means Inside Out 2 might get delayed if the film didn’t enters back into production in a timely manner. Also the Pixar chief has indicated towards the removal of Fear and Disgust from the movie as the contract with their voice artists has been finished.

But we knows that Pixar is a master studio in delivering the emotional movies, so Inside Out 2 is definitely going to bring a huge amount of profit for the studio.

Toy Story 5 Is A Hit And Try For Pixar

Toy Story 5
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Every story need a conclusion and Toy Story 4 was a perfect epilogue for the whole franchise. Despite giving a perfect ending in the fourth movie, Pixar is bringing us Toy Story 5 which was totally unexpected.

Now the latest news about the project is regarding its release date. According to some new reports, Pixar is looking forward to release Toy Story 5 in early 2025 and it looks really promising.
Of course it’s coming late but we have to keep in mind that Pixar has two movies which are set to
land in 2024.

The studio will also have to pay some extra focus on story writing since the fourth part was a perfect conclusion so far and we were not ready for a fifth installment.
Also some other Hollywood sources are confirming the fact that we will be getting a chance to watch some new characters in the movie, however, if rumors to be believed, then Sid is going to return as the villain in Toy Story 5.

This is because he is the only one who knows that toys are alive, and during all these past years, he might’ve developed a new plan to catch them and finally take his revenge.

Also we may see the future of Andy and his family, and hence, a separate yet interesting storyline. But we should wait a bit more before predicting anything about it because the studio is still in it’s very early stage of development.

Pixar’s Elio Will Be A One Of It’s Kind Movie

Pixar Elio
image via Pixar

Now the final movie on our list which is going to land in the near future is none other then Elio and we’ve already seen it’s first trailer which is looking quite good.
As of now, the movie is set to hit theatres on March 1, 2024 and it seems like it will release just on time (since it has finished it’s production and can’t get affected by the strike anymore), and if you’ve seen the trailer then you knows everything about the movie.

Elio follows its title character, an 11-year-old boy who becomes an unwitting ambassador for Earth. Elio is an underdog and a child with quite the imagination on him. But even with his mind, he couldn’t have imagined what follows.

After a strange extra-terrestrial message arrives on Earth, Elio is beamed up to an interplanetary organization known as the Communiverse, where beings from all across the universe gather.

So, when Elio, an Earthling, accidentally crashes their meeting, the Communiverse assumes he is there to represent Earth, placing a hefty responsibility on young Elio’s shoulders. Nevertheless, Elio eventually accepts his new position and undergoes a series of trials.

By the end of the movie, we will “somehow discover who he is truly meant to be and what’s his real destiny. The idea is quite new so anything can happen but Disney and Pixar will be hoping for the best.

The Conclusion

But in short, the future of Pixar is looking good. Bringing back its proven franchise might help
the studio to regain it’s lost popularity as the fan-base of these sequels is really huge.
If Disney avoids any kind of woke attempts in these upcoming Pixar movies, then the studio might easily take over other studios in the near future.

You can also stick around with Movie World Network to stay up to date with every new Hollywood updates, till that, stay safe, peace out !!

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